TCL supports and is bound by the Privacy Act 1998 & Information Privacy Act 2009.

TCL is committed to ensuring:

  • protection of the privacy and confidentiality of the Client and employees;
  • that personal files are only available to the person concerned, their Support Person/ Advocate, parents or guardians and staff who are associated with the person;
  • that the personal information collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date;
  • that all staff will receive training in awareness of the current Australian Privacy Principles;
  • that TCL will not proceed with the person’s assessment and ISP processes unless the Client or their authorised representative has provided consent; and
  • that feedback will be sought from Clients on their level of satisfaction with the privacy procedures within TCL and the handling of Client Files.

Privacy Breech Response Plan

  • Any breech of privacy would be reported to the Officer of the Australian Information Commissioner

Privacy relates to many areas including:

  • the right not to be watched;
  • the right not to have conversations listened to without consent;
  • the right not to be reported upon without consent; and
  • not be the focus of uninvited public attention.