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Who are the Gnomies?

Our Gnomies came about as our clients wanted to have a mascot for our activities centre ‘The Grove’; they came up with the concept and the brief was ‘highlight different disabilities’, so we contacted the amazing Donna Sharam Art Gallery Donna brought the gnomie family to life.


We are proud to introduce you to…..

‘Geri Gnomess’

has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair.

She was named after actress Geri Jewell who has cerebral palsy.


has Autism. He is an exceptional gnome that is fearlessly and authentically himself.

‘Marlee Gnomes’

was born deaf and has a hearing aid and communicates using Auslan (Australian sign language).

She was named after actress Marlee Matlin who is also deaf.

‘Sherlock Gnomes’

is vision impaired and his assistance dog ‘Mr Black Dog’ (represents mental health).

Our Merchandise makes a perfect gift

We have a range of gift cards, shopping bags, magnets and ready to hang Canvas prints available for purchase; and be sure to check back soon as we hope to add more items. Giving has never been so rewarding, as 100% of proceeds go back ‘The Grove’ to support equipment and activities for people in our community with a disability or mental illness.