The Gap

Jun 4, 2021 | Achievements, News

The GAP – Grove Accommodation Project


To build suitable, accessible accommodation for people with disabilities and /or mental illness, and other community members, on our land at 13 & 15 Grove Street, Atherton. 

33 units in total over 3 stages

Stage 1 – 15 units – 5 x 2 bedroom units and 10 x 1 bedroom units

Stage 2 –  6 units – 3 x 2 bedroom and 3 x 1 bedroom units 

Stage 3 – 12 units – 2 x 2bedroom units and 10 x 1 bedroom units  



TCL realised there are very limited options for suitable accommodation for people with a disability in our community; and that many already in community or public housing are either in temporary accommodation or it’s highly unsuitable. This has caused anxiety and behaviours which can jeopardise their accommodation prospects.

After many discussions at a Committee level about these issues and possible solutions and ongoing issues raised about appropriate accommodation at community meetings, our organisation decided we needed to be part of the solution.

15 units – The first 2 bedrooms units will be LHA (Liveable Housing Australia) Gold standard, next 3 units Silver standard. 2 bed units are designed to accommodate a full time carer. Due to the fall of the block we could not meet the higher standards so they are as accessible as we can make them. Obviously not everyone has a physical disability and many would be suitable for the upper level units as well as an on site carer.
Since we commenced planning this project we have purchased the adjoining block and plan to extend this development to 33 units total.
The overall concept is to try and meet the needs of many and varied clientele with the space we have.
GGI architect Greg Gould has done an amazing job of that. ❤️



TCL support some of the most vulnerable members in this community and have done so for more than 25 years.

Increased opportunities for independence for people with disabilities and/or mental illness.

We currently employ over 51 local people and support 160+ clients on the Tablelands

The knock-on effect of The GAP to community housing and public housing wait lists will be huge. There could also be knock on effect to health and aged care as there are many people with a disability who are in aged card facilities or hospitals as there is no other option for them.

Local employment will increase. Disability support sits within Health Care and Social assistance industry which is one of 4 largest employment categories it the region.

The economic impact on the Tableland economy is estimated at $7.49 million and Australian economy $13.23million for Stage 1 alone. 

* (Source – National Institute of Economic and Industry Research  (NIEIR) 2019 complied and presented by .id the population experts.)

Infrastructure estimated at excess of $3.8 million dollars

Not just the clients of TCL, but everyone in our community could benefit. As you can imagine this will be a very costly exercise; but the impact to our local community, the national economy and job creation alone makes it worthwhile; particularly at such an important time in history when stimulus of economy is crucial to Australia’s recovery following Covid.

A wonderful bonus is the opportunity for independence and the knock effect to community and social housing in our region by freeing up accommodation and decreasing wait lists and the possibility of  supporting people who are currently in hospital or aged care and option for independent living. 

The Gap will be facilitated by our service but run independently to negate conflict of interest.

Since the roll out of NDIS in this region from July 2018. Our client base has increased from approx. 26 clients to 160 + clients. With the subsequent job growth, it’s evident that The GAP will be a huge asset to the community.

Statics show that up to 92% of disability funding remains in the local community where the participants live.


Land – provided by TCL
Project Cost Estimate: $4.5 MILLION DOLLARS (Stage 1)
Council or state government authority fees & charges, Architect, town planner & certifier, and cost of build.

Planned completion 2024


If you would like more information about this project, or can contribute to bring it to life, please contact